Warmly Congratulate RSP Staff On Winning The Honorary Title Of Craftsman Of China Heavy Machinery Industry

- Jun 06, 2019-

On April 19, 2019, the Seventh Four Membership Congresses and Seventh Five Councils of China Heavy Machinery Industry Association were held in Beijing. The conference was sponsored by China Heavy Machinery Industry Association and attended by representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Administration of Market Supervision, China Online Federation and more than 150 members.


First of all, Liu Hequn, chairman of the conference, made a speech to clarify the main theme and content of the conference, reviewed the growth trend of machinery industry in the past year, and prospected the discovery of industry and economy in 2019. Subsequently, the Council awarded the award for "Craftsmen of China Heavy Machinery Industry" which was audited by the General Association of Heavy Machinery Industry and organized by experts on March 28. Among them, RSP employee Pan Xiaoling was awarded the honor and accepted the award at the meeting site.


Pan Xiaoling, as a technical expert of RSP, has participated in countless projects for many years. He works steadfastly and diligently, and puts forward effective solutions to various difficult working conditions, which solves many problems for the company. RSP has always attached great importance to the construction of technology and workforce, and to the training of employees'skills. Since then, all RSP employees will continue to play the spirit of craftsmen, play a leading role in enterprises and industries, and constantly enhance the new power of enterprise development.