RSP Wins The Project For Russian INTEKO Crude Oil Transport Screw Pumps

- Jun 05, 2019-

RSP has been insisting on the development of internationalization and has taken action for it. At the beginning of 2019, RSP successfully won the tender in the Russian INTEKO crude oil pump project, which has taken a solid step for the development of internationalization.


This project includes five screw pumps, model HMG series high-pressure twin-screw pump, including HMG 192 screw pumps and HMG 240 screw pumps; because this batch of screw pumps are for the Russian oil field field application with 38 bar difference pressure, so each pump needs an independent lubrication and cooling oil station, RSP actively propose according to complex conditions and requirements, the solutions not only fully meet the use needs, also meet the relevant standards of EAC of Russian Customs Union.