RSP Will Be At The Russian MIOGE Oil And Gas Show In Moscow

- Jun 07, 2019-

On April 23, 2019, the Moscow MIOGE Oil and Gas Exhibition arrived as scheduled. Since its first exhibition was held in 1993, the exhibition has received strong support and assistance from the Ministry of Petroleum Industry of Russia and CIS countries, and combined with ITE Group's network publicity in more than 50 country offices around the world, thus creating the largest oil, petrochemical and natural products in Eastern Europe and even the whole European region. One of the gas exhibitions.


RSP, as the leading oil screw pump manufacturer in China, also ushered in its first appearance at the MIOGE exhibition. RSP will provide professional and perfect screw pump solutions for customers from more than 30 different countries with screw pump products that meet international standards.


Russia has always been an important area of RSP internationalization strategy; in 2017, RSP successfully won the bid for 23 twin-screw pumps in the Russian VANIO project and completed the order for 23 twin-screw pumps; in the Russian INTEKO crude oil pump project in early 2019, RSP also successfully won the bid for a total of 5 high-pressure twin-screw pumps, which not only meet the relevant standards of the Russian Customs Union EAC, but also completed. Fully meet the needs of customers.

RSP invites you to keep an eye on our exhibition developments and information in the Russian market.


Time: 27 March 2019

Location: Moscow, Russia

Booth number: A2027