Overall Upgrade - HSN Series Standard Diaphragm Coupling, ATEX Explosion-proof Certificate

- Jun 04, 2019-

RSP attaches great importance to the development of petroleum industry at home and abroad, and designs three-screw pump HSN and HSA series products suitable for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries.


These two series products have 20 years of application experience. HSA series has obtained CE certificate and ATEX explosion-proof certificate. All exposed parts are made of aluminium alloy and have excellent corrosion resistance. HSN series has obtained CE certificate, ATEX explosion-proof certificate and CCS form approval. It is suitable for explosive environment and offshore petroleum producers. It also has complete and standardized diaphragm coupling pump group scheme. It realizes the production of screw pump products in the diaphragm coupling standard matching of petroleum series and is in the leading position in China.


RSP has been adhering to the high-quality sustainable development line, the application safety of products is an important part; through unremitting efforts, RSP has now obtained the EU ATEX explosion-proof certification, making products suitable for explosive environment, and completing another wave of product safety upgrade.