Delivery For Russian INTEKO Project

- Jul 15, 2019-

After won the tender for Russian INTEKO Crude Oil Transport Pumps Project, that includes 5 HMG series high pressure twin- screw pumps and 5 related lubrication stations, RSP start to produce according to the signed sales contract terms for delivery on time.

These twin-screw pumps will be used to transfer crude oil in Russian Oilfield, Two of them are HMG192 for flow rate of 116 m3/h at 3.8 MPa, The other three pump models are HMG240 for flow 202 m3/h at 3.8 MPa.


(HMG series twin-screw pumps at factory)


(Lubricating stations for screw pumps)




(Delivery from factory)

After strict testes, these equipments are accepted for delivery to customer, On July 4th, RSP deliver all the pumping equipments on time for Russian customer. RSP pumps will be accepted by more and more international customers due to international standard products and quality control.